Past. Present. Future.

I was just in Atlanta recently doing some recording and working with some amazing individuals that really taught me a lot. The situation got me thinking. When do we sit back and realise that our dreams and goals have become a reality? I have always been of the opinion that you should never dwell in the past, but how then do we learn from our mistakes? The same can be said for people that are always yearning for more, more, more and only looking to the years ahead. If we live like that, we'll miss the moments as they're happening and I know too well how much one can end up regretting not living in the moment. Being conscious of the three different mind states regarding time is so important and I am only just coming to that realisation now.

Your parents would have told you, "There's a time and place for everything", and as far as clichés go, this couldn't be more on point. Slowing down once or twice a week to think about previous months and years can really bring about some breakthroughs in your thought patterns. You can be so relieved also that you realise that the changes you've implemented over time have made a noticeable difference!

Some people use "living in the moment" as an excuse to be lazy and justify a lack of initiative. I'm guilty of sitting back and lighting a blunt far too many times when I have things that need doing! Living "in the moment" is a powerful thing but not always as everyone sees it. Living in the moment needn't always be attributed to the extreme, being content with very little else than the bi-product of your immediate surroundings and situations can be extremely simple, yet rewarding, but most people struggle to accept the feeling without wanting more.

As with most things in life, balance must be reached. I want to learn from the past and revel in the present while setting myself up nicely for a successful future, continuing to tick goals off an endlessly growing "to do" list.

The future is impossible to foresee but I have come to believe that, with a balance of learning from the past and enjoying the present without wanting MORE or rationalising complacency, we can slowly gain a balance that is as rewarding as any outcome we could ever imagine. Don't get stuck. Use all the timelines to your advantage, it's what they are there for...


Matt GibsonComment