Welcome // Tale of Digby

Well here we are. 
We finally made it - we have a website.

Which in retrospect is a pretty big deal. If you had a website in the 80's you were pretty much a pimp. Now, most average joes have one - but ours is even better because we can write you all things like this. Rest assured when I'm the one (Matt) writing them, they will be littered with weird and wonderful tales from tour and this first installment shall be no exception. 

So without further ado, what unfolds in the lines below is the 'Tale of Digby.'

Digby wasn't just any K-Mart purchased Spider-Man ball with alternately flashing blue and red lights. He was a K-Mart purchased Spider-Man ball with alternately flashing blue and red lights that was owned by the band Young Lions. Not to say that Young Lions were a big deal - but it certainly beats being bought by the snotty nosed 7-year-old boy who purchased Digby’s brother Gary. That sucks. Well, sucks for Gary anyway, he wouldn’t of lasted a night with that brat of a child, of that Digby was sure. 

Another thing Digby was sure of was that he loved his YL family. He loved how they took him on tour with them. He loved how they played with him at the skate park. He loved how they took him on walks to the break walk at Evans Head to listen to the crashing of the waves on the rocks below, taste the ocean on the air and possibly catch a sneaky whiff of another peculiar scent that he couldn’t quite place… all he knew was that it emanated from a cigarette looking thing that Dan usually had in his hand. But that’s of no consequence. Back to the story.

On the way back to camp from this particular outing with the band however, disaster stuck. Whist Young Lions were joyously kicking Digby around the path, someone accidentally kicked Digby harder then he expected and he was plunged into the dark murky waters of the river!!! His friends in Young Lions did all they could to retrieve him from the icy water but there was nothing they could do - he was too far out to reach! The waters were perilous at night and he didn’t want his friends to perish in the quest to save him. And so, Digby floated out into the river, never to be seen again…

That morning, the members of Young Lions awoke inside their tents; their heads whirling and their hearts heavy from the disastrous events of the night before. They couldn’t believe they had lost their good friend in such a terrible way. What a to do! Feeling hopeless, they walked back to the spot they had lost Digby the night before to mourn their loss.

When suddenly, a miracle happened! For right there, seated next to a Fishermans esky - was Digby!!! Young Lions squealed in delight and ran over to the fisherman, excitedly questioning him as to where he had found the ball. “On the shore this morning,” said the fisherman in reply, who himself had no doubt that upon seeing five 23+ year olds losing their minds over seeing a ball that Digby had been a long lost friend of theirs. Young Lions hugged the kind fisherman and thanked him for saving their friend and took Digby back to camp.

Once there, Young Lions renamed Digby - “Diago.” For Digby had become a man during his night adrift in the river mouth and had emerged stronger, wiser and more… Spanish.

Truth be told - that story is 100% legit. 

The fact that we lost Diago down a storm drain two nights after this in Sydney is still a sore point for all of us.
Don’t bring it up, we’ll cry. A lot.

Welcome to Younglionsaus.com - where dreams can come true.

Love Matt, 
and the rest of the marvellous gents in Young Lions.

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